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Healthy Snack Packaging Set

Healthy Snack Packaging Set

A collaboration project of Ambrosial / Cacaa Snacks / Yogood
Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snack Packaging Set

AMBROSIAL is a new, rich and creamy, Greek-style, ambient drinking yoghurt.
YOGOOD - A delightful and delicious selection of mueslis, muesli bars and healthy food.
Cacaa Snacks is one of the freeze-dried fruits suppliers in Malaysia. Their signature is dragonfruit which has the richest nutrition and plenty benefits.

Freeze-Dried Fruits are one of the healthy snacks available in Malaysia. It involves a process which moisture is removes from the fresh fruits in -40 degrees Celsius. Firstly, the fresh fruits will be stored for freezing then followed by a process to extract frozen moisture known as sublimation during the freezing condition. The advantage of this process preserves the fruits freshness, colour, texture, taste and also nutrients at its best with a crunchy sensation. No sugar, colour or preservatives are added.
This is a collaboration project of these three different brands but having the same similarity which is healthy and able fulfilling your desire of snacks in one bite. The packaging design is focusing on each brand's attraction. With the greek-style visual and the primary colour is blue which is giving a harmony feel, and combining with the healthy snacks - mueslis and dried fruits illustration. The overall concept is simplicity, vintage and mysterious.


Share delicious snacks, Produce healthier snacks choice with a beautiful packaging visual.